Dead Men Don't Bite in Africa

While investigating the whereabouts of a missing person Simon Holmes, PI, assisted by his two oddball co-workers finds himself on a rollercoaster ride of danger leading from the cloying humidity of Durban, South Africa to the bracing air of Salisbury, Rhodesia onto a remote farm on the Swaziland/South African border where cannabis is grown on a large scale by a gang of international drug smugglers.

Whose decomposing body lies at the bottom of a water well on the farm?

Who is the Mastermind behind the gang?

An exploding helicopter, a fatal armed shootout with the smugglers, humour, pathos, love and intrigue make up a recipe for a page turning read.

Dead Men Don't Bite in Africa

ISBN: 1780036124

Pen Press, 2013

Divorce, Viagra and Dating

One day out of the blue, ‘I’m leaving you,’ she said.

‘If you think you know the person you have loved and lived with for 25 years, think again buddy.’

Meet Peter, newly divorced and seeking female companionship. Join him on his travels when he meets up with women of various, shapes, sizes and strange habits.

This novel is hilarious, sexy, and sometimes sad.


I was delighted to find a novel, by a previously unpublished author, set in Rhodesia and South Africa, where I grew up. Peter writes passionately and knowledgeably about the area and his turbulent love life. I wonder whether the rich and varied experiences he mentions in the book are as real as his experiences in Southern and Central Africa!

I think I detect a touch of fiction in some of the dating experiences and misadventures, but at the end of the day it all comes together to make a cracking read, a fast-paced story interwoven with some larger-than-life characters,crisply and evocatively written, I could almost smell the braai (barbecue for you Poms), the sweat of fear, the sex., and the dust of the Africa plains I know so well.

Between Rhodesia, Cape Town, Brighton and Lewes, all places I know well, I could feel myself being drawn into the story as it drew towards a sad, heartrending climax atop Table Mountain, almost as if I knew the writer.

Basically one of the best novels I've read for a long time and I do hope he will write more. He has a unique style and manages the complex interwoven stories and the 'dramatis personae' exceptionally well.

Divorce, Viagra and Dating

ISBN: 1907172122

Pen Press, 2010