Coming Soon - Lost Love

Lucy, strolling around Dover Marina with her black Labrador, Midnight meets up with Zak, a South African sailor working on his yacht, 'Birdsong' After a few visits and an excursion they fall in love.

Zak leaves on his pre-arranged trip to Mombasa, the famous spice Island where they arranged to meet at a later date, then return to England and get married.

Contact with the yacht is lost. Wreckage of the Kenyan Coast near Malindi is spotted by the crew of a commercial airliner.No sign of a yellow dinghy or of Zak. Zaks father and sister fly from Cape Town. They meet Lucy in Athens then set off to Kenya to join the search.

After a fruitless search Lucy returns to England but has not given hope of finding Zak.

A well known local womaniser increases his efforts to add Lucy's name to his bedpost. Her best friend at work Veronique is getting married in Mahe the capital of the Seychelles Islands.

Lucy a brides maid joins her for the ceremony. Lucy is persuaded to visit a bonhomme-du-bois. a well known clairvoyant. Will he be able to locate Zak if he is still alive?

The novel takes the reader from the white cliffs of Dover to the bustling Plaka in Athens, the beautiful coast line of Malindi in Kenya, to humid Durban, in South Africa and Cape Town nestling under the umbrella of the awe inspiring Table Mountain.